Same day each week.

Sunday afternoons are my planning, grocery shopping and food prep day. If it doesn't happen Sunday it doesn't happen at all.


Look at your calendar and plan your meals.

What's going on? Evening obligations, special occasions, holiday, etc. Busy nights are always leftover nights and a special occasion might mean having healthy meals planned so I can indulge for a birthday or anniversary. The goal here- DON’T spontaneously eat.


Create a shopping list.

Not only does this help with making your grocery trip faster, it also prevents you from putting things in your cart you don’t need. Plus and save you money.

Food prep.

Healthy food choices need to be convenient. Meals need to be easy to prepare and snacks need to be ready to eat. Grocery shopping doesn’t end when you get home. Rule- wash and chop ALL fruit and veggies BEFORE it goes in the fridge so they’re ready to use.