Schedule it!

Just like a doctor appointment, activity needs to be scheduled, prioritized and specific. When, where, what, and with whom will you do this activity. The more details the better!

Bring a friend.

There’s no better way to stay motivated during your workout. Friends push you to go the extra mile and having someone to chat with you can make time fly.

Track your progress.

We know tracking behaviors works, so knowing how active or inactive you are has its benefits. It makes activity goal setting easier and knowing your progress can be very motivating.

Pump up the tunes.

Music is a great way to instantly change your mood. Find songs that motivate and inspire you and have a beat that blends well with the kind of activity you’re doing. It much more soothing to hear music than your feet hitting the pavement.

Always have a plan B.

There are so many reasons why having a backup plan is a good idea. Gym is closed, babysitter canceled, it’s raining outside. Always make sure there are ways for you to workout at home. Head to the mall for a brisk walk if the weather’s bad. Excuses are easy to come by so have a plan in place.