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How I Meal Plan 

SAME DAY EACH WEEK!  Sunday afternoons are my planning, grocery shopping and food prep day.  If it doesn't happen Sunday it doesn't happen at all.  
LOOK AT MY CALENDAR!  What's going on?  Evening obligations, special occasions, holiday, etc.  Busy nights are always leftover nights and a special occasion might mean having  healthy meals planned so I can indulge for a birthday or anniversary.  
LOOK AT FINANCES!  Specifically around the holidays (and other times too) money can be tight so sometimes I need a budget-friendly meal plan.  I shop in my own freezer first and also check out the weekly sale ads.
FOOD PREP!  Healthy food choices need to be convenient.  My meals need to be easy to prepare and my snacks need to be ready to eat so I do a lot of washing, chopping, cooking and roasting.  Rule for me- wash and chop ALL fruit and veggies BEFORE it goes in the fridge.  I'll also prep meats like chicken if I need it for chicken salad or for salads, etc.