small changes, big results!


This 4-WEEK program is for any mom who wants to begin shifting her lifestyle.

Moms who are ready for change can say yes to these:

I eat my kid’s snacks…

My home feels overwhelming…

I’m not motivated…

I feel like I’m always in survival mode…

Are you ready for change?


Week 1
It’s All About You

We’ll start this journey with an amazing one-hour video call to get clear on what you want out of this experience. You’ll spend a little time each day journaling and getting into a relaxing nighttime routine.

Week 2
Environmental Detox

Your home, the people around you, even your social media world are all things that influence you. This week you’ll discover the ways your environment sabotages you and how you can begin designing an environment that supports you.


Week 3
Easy Meal Planning

Ready to save time and money? Meal planning is the key to both and it doesn’t need to be hard. Get ready to break out your mason jars and prepare yourself healthy meals and snacks.

Week 4

Your SUPERpower

You’re going to be feeling really motivated by our final week together but it’s important to know that “peak motivation” doesn’t last. You’ll need to find your “WHY”. That one thing that’ll keep you motivated for the long haul.


60-minute intensive video call

weekly video coaching calls (30/45 minutes)

6-week follow-up call

a personalized, easy-to-follow meal plan

unlimited email + Voxer support