It’s been years since I focused on myself, so I don’t even know where to start. I don’t eat or sleep well, I don’t exercise and my anxiety is through the roof. I’d like to feel healthy, happy, and in control of my life again.
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The first step is the Discovery Session. This 1 hour, customized, one-on-one chat will help us to: 

  • map out what you want from your life 

  • design our relationship

  • get clear on the outcomes you want from the coaching 

  • define what your primary focus areas will be 

  • create benchmarks for measuring your progress over time 

The next step is the Goal-Planning Strategy Session.
During this 1 hour, customized, one-on-one chat we will:

  • set goals that motivate you

  • create an action plan for each of your goals.

  • break down goals into smaller more manageable and achievable steps. Each step towards your goal can be ticked off along your journey.

  • establish a way to review your progress

Finally, over the next 30 days we’ll have four 15-minute Clarity Chats where we will:

  • review your goal progress

  • make needed changes to your actions

  • discuss if daily communication is motivating yo

Best part of Jennifer’s coaching style; walkie-talkie communication. She’s always there when I need her.

What is walkie-talkie communication?

This is where we’ll have the most fun and you’ll get the most motivation. Video and text messages help us stay connected in “real-time” making it easier to address things in the moment. This tool is a total game changer!


“Be my Cheerleader” subscription recommended after your first 30 days.