Bad Day? 5 Quick Ways to Turn It Around

I hope for you bad days are far and few between.  Whether it's stress from work or traffic on the way home it's important to put your bad day into perspective.  I personally tend to catastrophize things saying "This has been the WORST DAY EVER!"  Really?  Get a grip Jennifer.  So how do we pull ourselves out of a funk after a crappy day?  Here ‘s how I turn my day around.

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3 Simple Ways to Brighten Up a Mom's Day

We’re in the heart of summer break—-kids playing in the pool, enjoying time with siblings, fun days at the beach…well maybe not exactly. As moms we all want the perfect summer with our kids but some days can be really tough and exhausting. Here are ways to brighten a mom’s day or ask for help yourself.

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What I Eat in a Typical Day

The one thing I love about following the Weight Watchers plan is I can still eat all my favorite foods. Sometimes it just means eating a little less or switching up some ingredients to make it more calorie-friendly. Here’s what I eat in a typical day.

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