The most empowering Girls Night Out in Palm Beach County.

Connect. Create. Slay 2020!

I’m so excited to be hosting this event for the amazing women in my community. Gather your besties and join me at the Live 360 Studio for this fun, interactive & empowering event. Dress is casual...I’ll be wearing jeans and a comfy sweater. Light, healthy snacks will be served!

All supplies included:
magazines, scissors, glue, and foam board.

Feel free to bring any personal photos or items you’d like to include on your board.



About Me!

I’m a woman living with bipolar disorder and a mother raising a 10 year old daughter with autism. To say I'm tested daily is an understatement. Morning affirmations and exercise keep me grounded and my daily medications keep me stable enough to do the things I love. My passion is motivating women to discover the best version of themselves no matter what that looks like for her. I do this by speaking from my heart and sharing stories of both struggle and perseverance. There’s no sugar-coating with me. Real (and raw) conversations are how real change happens.